Vijay Chand

vijayAs an Account Manager at Themis, Vijay is here to help our clients in Europe and the US, understand and anticipate their needs, and provide high quality and timely solutions. He has many years’ experience helping customers and managing projects in a range of roles – but also brings hugely useful experience as an analyst.

Before joining us, Vijay held account management and project management roles at IMS Health for eight and a half years, working with international data and global publications and supporting Business Intelligence and brand teams for a number of pharmaceutical companies. He leveraged his data and software knowledge to deliver business intelligence insights and analytics on a wide range of issues, including product performance, launch tracking, patent cliffs, and parallel trade issues, to name a few. His exposure to differing teams and companies has given him a wide ranging understanding of the key business questions pharmaceutical companies face.

Outside work Vijay enjoys playing the guitar, traveling and spending time with family and friends.