We’ve spent a lot of time improving every area of the Themis platform. The new Version 8 is faster, easier to use, and offers more options and functions than ever before. Here’s our selection of the most important improvements.


Easier access across your business

We’ve made it easier (and quicker) for a wider range of teams across your business to access the platform, including the ability for you to personalize content to specific teams.

Cleaner modern design 

Analytic ViewA simpler user interface means people find it easier to use the software, reducing training time. It’s also optimised for touch screens.

Improved analytical tools The platform offers a really wide range of flexible ways to process and slice data, responding to users’ needs.

Shorter setup time

It’s now faster to get Themis up and running – and quicker to load data too.

Faster data processing

We’ve built a new data management engine, making it quicker to access the data and get responses to your queries.

Enhanced automated reports

The new version introduces a range of clean new template designs for reports, potentially reducing the time you spend on manual reporting by as much as 90%. You can add your own branded templates so your reports fit your organization.

ipadNew graph functionality

Our new graph engine offers 10 new charts for a range of different requirements, allowing you to build better designed, more engaging online presentations. It means you can share large amounts of data with clarity and style. Editing is a simple matter of pointing and clicking.

Share graphs and charts more easily

Finally, we’ve made it easier to integrate content from Themis into other websites and applications. You can embed content into any other web pages and create automated data feeds to other applications – making the most of your investment in data.

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