Philipp HerrlingerWe’re excited to announce that Phillipp Herrlinger will be speaking at the 2017 Annual EphMRA conference in Amsterdam on the topic of how to cut through data noise to find true insights for decision makers.

Phil has been working at Themis Analytics for over 10 years and is our Head of Consulting. He has been responsible for providing analytical solutions and insights. Working with a global client base, he has fulfilled a broad range of roles, including designing BI platforms and relevant data management solutions, as well as providing consultancy and analytics on complex data sources.

The Presentation is entitled “Amplifying signals within the data ‘noise’ to find the insights” and it will explore how we can cut through the huge volumes of data available to find the insights that drive market dynamics using real life examples.

Phil will first advise on how to focus on the business needs to ask specific questions of the data. He will then detail simple approaches to amplify signals in the data that point to relevant answers.

Phil will show how to cut through the noise and report key events effectively to decision makers. If you want to talk about your data insight challenges, and find out what the best approaches are, you can either:

Meet Philipp Herrlinger at the EphMRA Conference on 22nd of June 2017 in Amsterdam.
Or you can contact him directly at  to talk further.